Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan Equals Cute Pixie Cut

One of the most in-demand young actresses in Hollywood, thanks to her impeccable acting skills. Carey Mulligan has been able to work alongside some of the biggest names in Tinseltown. She has also garnered several awards and nominations. Aside from her acting, the elfin smiled actress never fails to wow people on and off screen. Her great sense of style shines through, seen above with side swept bangs.

Carey Mulligan's Fashion and Hair Sense.

Carey Mulligan's monitored for her great sense of style. Early on she sported locks that reached her shoulders styled in soft waves and updos for the red carpet. Her blonde tresses were usually paired with gowns that had both flair and fun during award shows. On her off-camera days, she often wears laid-back outfits of jeans, shirts, and jackets.  


Without color, Carey has mousy hair which she wore long in her early career. In her breakthrough film "An Education", she sported a dark Sixties look with her tresses in deep dark colors in a length below her shoulders. The most dramatic change was when she had her locks bleached to achieve the peroxide blonde hair for her prostitute role in "Public Enemies" alongside Johnny Depp.


Carey has become known for sporting different cropped cuts, a preference which began during her role in "Money Never Sleeps". She has rocked an elfin redhead look and subsequently reverted to its blonde counterpart. Carey wears minimal makeup, preferring a more natural, pure look. She has been photographed in many versions of a chic crop in brunette, red tints, bangs, blunt cuts, soft waves, and 20s-inspired pin curls.




Over the years, Carey has shown the world how locks can be part of an important Hollywood role and lifestyle. The way she keeps her tresses chic while using minimal styling and maximum care has been an inspiration to many women worldwide. She has been compared to Michelle Williams, Victoria Beckham, and Pink as style icons for short hair, not a surprise seeing how fabulous and timeless she has looked ever since she opted to go shorter.


Aside from her classic stylish hair, Carey has transitioned from a young actress to a more serious grown-up with her choice of clothing and designers. She keeps her fun and flair while opting for cuts that flatter her figure and age. It's noted the color and style choices worn at different red carpet events in recent years are hot and fashion savvy. Of course, like any other celebrity, Carey also has some misses but there have been more rave reviews about her than criticisms. It seems there's a collective agreement from the press and fans worldwide that she looks best confining her tresses to close cut and above her chin.


Elegance and Sheen.


This Hollywood actress lets her natural beauty shine through from her clear skin, neutral eye makeup, and nude lips. She also keeps her jewelry at a minimum where other celebs cover themselves in big chunks of jewelry. Ms. Mulligan looks sweet, demure, and a true classic, her champagne blonde locks falling to the bottom of her ears with side-swept bangs.


Early Life.

She was born Carey Hannah Mulligan on May 28, 1985, Westminster, England. The beautiful English actress spent her early childhood years in Germany before returning to London where her father worked in the hotel industry.


Carey cut her teeth in period dramas such as "Pride and Prejudice" and Charles Dickens' poke at the Nineteenth Century British legal system "Bleak House". An adaptation of the Russian playwright, Anton Chekov's "The Seagull" saw her cast as Nina. Carey has worked and excelled in most performing arts disciplines; movies, television, and theater. She can sing too and has recorded with Justin Timberlake.

Private life.

Carey's married to the lead singer of Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford, they once corresponded when they were kids but lost touch but bumped into one another when they were working on the same film. Their farmhouse wedding ceremony was a star-studded one, boasting celebrity guests and performances by Adele and, obviously Mumford and Sons.