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A touch longer than usual for this site but we love it so we thought we'd feature it anyway. Brooke Burns, of Baywatch and North Shore fame, had a promising ballet career cut short due to a skiing injury.

Elisha Cuthbert, the Canadian film and television actress, wearing a blonde, crop embellished by side swept bangs. After her reoccurring role in the long-running series "24" came lighthearted films like "Love Actually". She tried serious roles before landing her current role in "Happy Endings".

The ever popular if a touch controversial figure of Jenny McCarthy wearing an inverted blonde bob. Parted on the side and straightened to bring length to her face.

Katie Holmes sporting a splendid short bob with face-framing strands. Mature yet contemporary co-existing in one style.

Michelle Williams, sporting her trademark flaxen pixie parted and slightly highlighted, became a star in "Dawson's Creek" alongside Katie Holmes. She moved on to other notable appearances in Brokeback mountain and as Marilyn Monroe.

Pinks' trademark blonde crop often ends up colored pink for obvious reasons. Alecia Beth Moore in real life or perhaps even her Mom and Dad might call her Pink. Sporting a roughly side-swept mane here, she and Husband Carey Hart have recently welcomed their second child, Jameson. First child, Willow, arrived in 2011, we wish them all well.

Renée Zellweger knows what she likes and she likes straight bobs in dark blonde. The length may vary from shoulder to ear but she sticks to what works.

Red Carpet Styles from Everyone's Favorite Celebrities.

Brooke Burns appeared on fire with simple yet stunning beach curls that work well in this length. To achieve this, set using medium-sized rollers or curling irons. Apply styling cream as needed. Appearing in North Shore and Baywatch is what Brooke is best known for, such roles demand amazing and sexy all the time, no disappointment.


Brooke Burns rocks these sexy waves that seem effortless and carefree. The tips end close to her jaw line and bangs are absent. Ample bounce and volume are present due to nice waves. The absence of frizz and dryness and its shiny appearance is remarkable for such a texture.

Elisha Cuthbert from 24.

Elisha's locks are roughly parted to one side using a comb or fingers. Some locks escaped draping over the forehead and ears for added appeal. Finished by applying light makeup and subtle accessories. The Canadian film and television star channels a youthful and fun image from her fresh and flirty crop style in a bright blonde color.


The cuts are uneven and the tips thin, giving texture and making things more playful and exciting. The strands that fall on her forehead give a messy and sexy vibe while the color is vibrant and progressive. Elisha's best features are highlighted, her forehead, cheekbones, jawline and dimpled chin. The lightness of the golden color also highlights her beautiful eyes and rosy cheeks.

Jenny Mcarthy.

She paired this simple look with light makeup helping radiate her natural beauty so she appears approachable and appealing. Jenny McCarthy's chic angular bob radiates platinum blonde color garnered rave reviews and became a crowd favorite.


The cut is asymmetrical and has less length than her usual mode. A high side part benefits from smooth and silky textures from root to tip. The platinum blonde tresses color brings out and brightens Jenny's eye color. The cut idealizes her face shape, highlights the cheekbones and softens up the angular jawline and slightly pointed chin.

Katie Holmes' new Cut.

Katie Holmes shocked the world when she cut her very long tresses, speculation floated as to the reasons. Some even said it was the influence of her good friend Victoria Beckham. Whatever the cause many women around the globe copied it.


Dubbed the chic piecey bob, women loved how the locks were short and framed the face but still had enough length to flow during every head movement. It's interesting how a youthful demeanor can be accomplished while paradoxically balancing and improving upon maturity. Keep a close eye on Katie, catch her next move swiftly in case it's one to implement yourself.

Pixie Queen.

Blow-drying this type of cut can bring more volume. Finish by sweeping the locks in front to one side and by tucking behind the ears for a neat appearance. It's undeniable that Michelle Williams is a modern day icon. She's one of the few celebrities who's spent years maintaining a shorter cut.


We dubbed Michelle Williams the Queen of the Pixies because of her enduring style choice. Word is she keeps her locks like this in memorial to Heath Ledger who loved them. The pixie crop pictured is one of the closest Michelle has gone, it has a balanced texture and volume, making it chic and timeless. The cut highlights her facial features and draws more attention to her smile and pretty eyes.


Pink's overall appearance displays cropped locks with short bangs and a creative play at the top. Twisting her overall countenance when she roughly swept the top to one side. Pink is one of those musical artists who seem to get a makeover each time they release a new album. Thanks to her creative license as an artist and prolific discography, Pink has changed her haircut and color many times.


This short funky pixie is her trademark, plainer than her other outrageous outings but remaining chic and sassy. Pink keeps her pixie funky by adopting differing fashions like making a faux Mohawk on top or spikes. This particular number suits her more heartfelt and soulful current hits.


The stunning actress Renée Zellweger wowed the world when she sported a long fringed pixie. Renée proved short can be elegant and sophisticated when she strutted the red carpet at the Bee Movie Premier and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala and again at the 80th Academy Awards and Geroge Clooney's Jeux de Dupes Premier.


This style accentuates Renée's jawline and cheekbones. She's a celebrity that inspires many things, not only her hairstyles.