Ashlee Simpson
A Range of Ashlee Simpson Chops.

A Tale of Two Sisters. 

First came Jessica, the older Simpson sibling. Around the turn of the millennium, her debut album "Sweet Kisses"  propelled her to stardom and her own reality television series. She achieved notoriety as a wholesome girl who shunned the over sexualization of her image in contrast to her peers.


Then came Ashlee, five years younger, edgier, grungier, and keen to discourage comparisons between the sisters. She dyed and tinted her natural blonde locks darker and made more somber, melancholy music. You could argue Ashlee was more talented and serious about her career but there would always be the suspicion she wouldn't have made it without nepotism.


We take our breaks when they come don't we Ashlee? She played the cards she was dealt and for the most part did well.

Ashlee Simpson Fashion, Style, and Hair.

When Ashlee Simpson first entered the music scene back in 2004, she was careful to separate herself from her sister's overwhelming shadow. She had different fashion choices, different musical styles, and different personalities. Elements of rock, that aren't present in Jessica's music, define Ashlee's songs and anthems. In addition, during the early years of her career, the singer-songwriter was oftentimes seen wearing outfits that highlighted a sense of style influenced by punk and grunge.




This edgier Simpson star has transformed her long black locks into a blonde bob. This singer-songwriter has given fashion critics lots of fun styles over the years. She adopted a signature style that consisted of skinny jeans, hoodies, and skater tees. She's often seen wearing black outfits or bold and loud colors such as electric blues, bright purples, and neon pinks!


Blonde Bob.


Her currently favored blonde bob is easy to achieve and suits all manner of occasions. Her locks are often tucked behind an ear while beautiful, flowing, side swept bangs accentuate the other side of her face. The whole thing is perfected by layering that emphasizes the shape of the cut so she can wear it messy with a bedhead or slick it down using spray or gel to make it cleaner.


Getting Ashlee Simpson's fashion style requires extra confidence in your attire. Ignore any fear of mixing and matching different colors and patterns. You may encounter a few wardrobe clashes, but Ashlee teaches you to have fun while being fashionable. Although you see her totally clad and glamorous at formal and red carpet events, her everyday outfits are total skater chick.

Private Life.

The actress and singer-songwriter first came to our attention on her elder sister's reality TV show. Which led to the creation of her own eponymously titled series and her debut album. The recording of the album was the show's subject matter. Her album topped the charts, on release, after the first season of her show whipped up demand. During childhood, Ashlee dreamed of being on Broadway and she never expected to succeed in the pop music scene. She realized her ambition when she played Roxy in "Chicago". She has since toured with a live set and released a couple more successful albums and is currently working on her fourth.

Ashlee was married to Pete Wentz, they have a son. The couple appeared in a few shows together like CSI: New York. Ashlee filed for divorce citing the usual irreconcilable differences.


She's now married to Evan Ross, the son of Diana, they have one daughter.


Being a famous Hollywood star isn't easy, say goodbye to your privacy and expect paparazzi and fans to be flocking over you wherever you go. Like any other celebrity, there's tons of gossip around about Ashlee Simpson. Some of the more mundane examples are: Ashlee has been spotted several times hanging out with ex-husband Pete Wentz. Though she said they wouldn't reconcile, they do have a child together so expect some contact and the friendlier the better.


She got caught lip-syncing on TV, she tried to talk her way out of it but later admitted it on a music video show saying it was under doctors orders. Ashlee got herself a nose job which caused some controversy due to contradictory interviews about feminine image and female-centric issues in general.