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Carey Mulligan, the theater and film artist, born in 1985 and raised in Germany and England. Her first major film was "pride and prejudice" alongside Keira Knightley. She was Oscar nominated for "An Education".

Choose a good fit for almost any face shape, offering a completely new and trendy look to its wearer. Among all the modern and new classy hairstyles, the bob is sophisticated, eye-catching and timeless. Chloe's wavy textured, honey blonde bob is classy and graceful.

Ellen Barkin's hairstyle is a sought after red carpet look. The Big Easy star has proved a simple yet stylish base cut is easy to keep chic and fashionable. She has a unique and mesmerizing face and cleverly chooses coiffures drawing attention to her best features.

The model turned actress, Eva Marcille is an ultimate hair diva. It doesn't matter whether it's long or short, brown or blonde, straight or curly; this girl knows how to rock it! She recently went platinum blonde and sported this sexy boyish cut. Her electric orange lips are a perfect contrast. The longest part is that small area above her forehead where it's combed over, her exotic style will sweep you off your feet.

At the Day Time Emmy Awards, Farah Fath sported this fabulous hairstyle. Straight combines with a messy, loose high quiff which matches her heart shaped face. At SOAP Net's Night Before Party in Hollywood, her mane was dark and offset by a bright canary yellow top.

Jennifer Lawrence is a human chameleon who has the ability to dart through a million hairstyles and fill up another million sets of clothes. Looking inhumanly stunning the whole time she's also one of the most real stars ever. An oxymoron, but she justifies both the real part and the star part in equal measures and panache. This girl walks the fine line between style and fashion, she's one of the coolest fashionistas ever.

This American beauty knows how to make the most of her baby fine strands. Josie Davis, considered one of the hottest women in their 40's can attribute this to her sense of style. In 2006, she transformed her look from a beach blonde to a rich, elegant dark chocolate.

Short hairstyles of Carey Mulligan and Other Celebrities.

Carey Mulligan isn't afraid of experimenting. She's tried many different styles; long, cropped, blonde, crops, and brunettes. She's become especially known for her lovely short haircuts, her style is simple and versatile. During special occasions she wears a classy look, she may turn up blonde and she sometimes wears bangs. She has a knack of improving time after time. Long tresses dominate in celebrity world but Carey follows her own path, it suits her to perfection. Her sassy style sense includes an eye for variations and quirks and has proved lopped hair need not be samey, she can change it as the whim takes her.

Carey's side sweep.

Perfect for fine hair, chic and classy and the side swept bangs and swept sides give an updo effect. Carey wore this and captured attention at a Met Gala award function. Ultra-Glamorous and trendy short tresses she looked fabulous. Side swept bangs are a popular look to try. In the past, Carey has sported a trendy sleek crop. That's what a short vivacious sleek hairdo is about. The back and sides taper for great shape while the top layers have a serrated cut giving a textured finish.


Highlight anyone's features simply and even add a little drama. Side-swept bangs are versatile, from curly to straight they seem to work pretty well. Perfect for round, oval, and oblong-shaped faces. Side-swept bangs, while not too conspicuous, tend to convey a subliminal message that the wearer is both sexy as well as comfortable in her skin. Carey seems confident in her choices, recently she tried a medium red color which worked well. This flaxen hairstyle requires regular maintenance, trims, and care to keep it looking at its spectacular best.


Carey Mulligan has become an internationally renowned actress and is now a very familiar face on the red carpet. She has succeeded in showcasing some stylish and trendy short haircuts along the way. From sleek blonde bobs to a brunette pixie she has shown herself to be the mayor of Short Hairville even if she sports a range of extensions and wigs for her movie roles.


She has given almost everything a try from pink streaks to an intricate braided updo. From bouncy wavy curls and glossy pink lips to smoldering sexy smoky eyes and glam bobs. This Hollywood actress has grown into her fascinating look on the red carpet. While some trends come and go short curly/wavy bobs are never out of fashion.


Celebrities like Chloe can sport bob styles with the utmost confidence on the red carpet as it's so forgiving and offers a charismatic look without any hassles. There are many different sorts of bob including; layered, A-line, inverted, banged, and angled to name but a few. They look great on ladies of almost any age, from very little girls to elderly women. This particular design has evolved over the decades, the original "Pageboy" type style has never gone away but adapted and modified.


Now and again somebody in the public consciousness gives this basic style a new twist and kicks it back to popularity. Recently, Chloe and a few other high-profile female celebs have adopted this gorgeous curly ended bob. Public reaction to these trendy changes has been almost comprehensively appreciative and positive. Probably the most alluring aspect of this hairstyle, at least from the aesthetic viewpoint, is how it emphasizes facial features. A celebrity on the rise, Chloe is not just a veritable and versatile acting talent, she is also becoming something of a beauty icon.


Here are worthwhile suggestions for the care and upkeep of this sort of cut. If your hair is fine or thinning then add layers to a bob, layered locks create a better effect and add volume. For square shaped faces, it's better to try a middle part with hair falling on both sides. Expertly frames and enriches the face. Curls and crimps will produce a different amazing effect, so try out some new ideas. Go for highlights and color if your current bob hairstyle seems boring. Angled bobs add great volume to the front whereas an inverted bob would add volume to the crown.


Chloe's shortish bob compliments her cute face and enhances her overall appearance. Apart from her acting talents she has always been well known for her costumes, attire, and stylish hair creations.

Side Parted Inverse Bob.

Ellen looks stunning in her side-parted bob cut and low side-slung bangs. This balances her angular jawline with soft edges. The pointed side tips create a flowing effect framing her face. She combs long bangs down to one side of her face, covering a part of her eye. Beige blonde complements her skin tone but she's better known for sleek, platinum bobs.


For the opening night of 'The Normal Heart', she donned a red tight-fitting cocktail dress, perfect for showing off her envious curves. Her chartreuse cardigan is an ideal way to infuse color into a classic ensemble. For her light skin, she uses a light matt foundation, paired with thin brows. The pale shadow blends with the light blue color creating a striking effect. She uplifts her eyes using eyeliner and mascara. The faint blush and mild pink lip tone bring out the height of elegance. At the 65th annual Tony awards, she wore a delicate lace dress matched by a 19th-century diamond pendant earrings in silver on gold. This actress has an impeccable style we want to see more of in the future.

In the past, Eva has worn a shag cut with the length over the neckline, smooth cut side bangs over her ears helping display her hoop earrings. She had matched her impressive hairstyle with a gray and white outfit adorned by silver loops. These colors helped to even her warm skin tone and provide balance.

Style History.

Waves emphasize feminine curves and Eva has used a stunning wavy hairstyle to soften up her features. A large C-curl connects to a wave centering on her forehead, the wave itself lying over her temple. There are many smooth ups and downs on the sides above her ears. She looks gorgeous in slicked down waves. Her makeup complements her skin tone and beautiful lemony blonde color. Subtle brown eyes, the usual light eyeliner and bottom liner, long lashes, mild blush, lip liner, and that alluring lip tint are all eyecatchers.


Her preferences seem to be browns and blondes in golden honey hues, her choice is exemplary. This celebrity beauty is an untapped natural born model, style and fashion are part of her. She decided to leave the black formal dress to her colleagues. Her long white tight fitting dress made a huge impact with a strategically placed rip to show off her slim figure. This fashionista is cool in denim shorts accompanying a vest and blazer, perfect for the changing temperature and seasonal trends. She's also worn African print garments on and off the carpet. A mini-skirt and top suits her figure and a smart way to display that hourglass curved waist.

Farah Fath - Loose Light Brown Pixie.

Farah donned short slithered ends that rested below her ears, framing her face to perfection. Deep brown subservient to reddish mahogany ends enrich a spicy appearance. Beautifully shaped eyebrows match her ends. The top is back brushed to give that pouf, while the bangs are loosely swept to one side. At a Celebrity Poker Tournament, she wore her hair loose around the nape and ears with heavy layers on top, the crown giving desirable height and volume. Shades of mid blonde and browns give her an air of class. Created using a simple blow dry and a quick run through with the fingers. A simple shirt garnished by horizontal stripes paired with blue jeans can still look fantastic.

Short Hair Devotee.

Bouncy layers give her added texture. Her beautiful blonde color gives that layered bob finish, perfect for fun days or nights. She was a sight for sore eyes at the Daytime Emmy Awards Official Pre-party. She wore her light flaxen hair in a straight shaggy style around her collar and it dipped a fraction away from her ears. Her eyebrows play peek-a-boo amidst those bangs. She knows to keep it soft and elegant yet uncomplicated. Her makeup is a thing to admire and something of an art. She knows to blend the colors gracefully into her skin to give that desired melting effect. The blending of the dark and the light eye shadow, the light frame of her brows and darker eyeliner with the lashes and mascara gave her that expressive facial design.

The Incomparable Jennifer Lawrence.

JLaw's unique selling point is she does things her own way and never lets the pressure of being trendy overshadow her personality. This is exactly why we can't pigeonhole her genre of style because it's so damn versatile. She's a firecracker. Still, we've managed to kind of figure out the way she goes about her hair and style.

Hair Chronicle.

This girl has one hell of a chronicle, entering Hollywood with her long, lustrous, natural golden locks, she went on to have as much fun with her hair as her clothes. She had tried every hairdo for long, medium and short hair and emerged the undisputed winner. Her blonde highlights and natural waves were one of the most coveted looks of all time. She's even rocked tight ringlets, experimenting on a somewhat Megan Fox-like finish. Her trademark swept-over-one-shoulder number is also a hit. Her more casual side is showcased in a messy side bun and also in the free-flowing, enviable, lustrous hairdo. The ethereal, halo-like braid complements her glowing face.


That infamous wet-look stunned the audience, only a few could pull it off as well as she. The raging dip-dye trend made her hair look like liquid gold. The actress shook everyone as she chopped her locks even shorter to end up in a shocking yet stunning pixie cut. We thought it would hamper her experimental nature, but we were happily proven wrong, as she gave her short locks loads of personality.

Sparkly Josie Davies.

Josie once had roles that required contrasting colors, she teetered between light blonde and dark chocolate. She prefers dark colored hair as it makes her feel more approachable and it emphasizes her famous sparkling blue eyes. She likes to stay short and doesn't like bangs hanging to the point of distraction.

Back Catalogue.

This Beverly Hills star has wowed everyone with her short flair and proved she doesn't need long hair to stay in vogue. She looked beautiful in her short funky hairstyle at the Mid-Autumn Night's Dream Event. She had her blonde waves cut up to her chin level and the slight layers added the body and shape to her face. Maintain regular trimming. Josie Davis is often seen wearing a crop with chipped edges that had a subtle curl all around. This gets a small hint of lift from an off-center part. Her long, sharp, razor sliced layers and soft sleek ends don't disappoint anyone.

Style tips.

Using a drop of straightening serum comb from the imprecise center part. As she has sleek, soft hair, it can be blown dry or combed into place and she's all set to rock. Talking about her wardrobe, she wore a simple, yet stunning red patterned cocktail mini-dress for Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party. This Diva has completely transformed herself from her former geeky and bookish image and is now smokin'!