Renee Zellweger
Renée Zellweger's Stlye Catalog.

Round Face, Fine Hair.

The easiest way to disguise a rounder face is to grow your locks longer to frame the face and give the illusion of length. Fine hair can be problematic at anything past the jawline so utilize other techniques like high buns and volume on top or choppy ends and side bangs.


Many of the shorter cuts Renée has sported in the past helped to add angles to her round face. Others draw attention to her cheekbones and draw out her smile. Consider her classic styles, compare her face shape to your own to get an idea of how her classic cuts will look on you.


If any woman in Hollywood needed convenience in a haircut, it's Renée Zellweger. The lead actress from "Bridget Jones Diary", and the beauty that had us all at "hello" in "Jerry Maguire", led a very busy work life up until her self-imposed sabbatical recently. She was a voice artist, producer, activist, and actress. It's no wonder, then, so often we saw her sporting shorter cuts. She wears beautiful cropped locks from her swingy shoulder-length cut for the "Jerry Maguire" premier to her retro curls for the screening of "Chicago", she has always looked fabulous. Renée has enjoyed an active and tempestuous career in Hollywood. After Jerry Maguire, her career took off, she landed starring roles and awards through the 2000s. A series of poor box office performances left her disillusioned with the silver screen so she took a five-year break.  

Public Image.

When she returned to life in the public eye, she was hardly recognizable. Her dramatically different appearance became a matter of intense debate and plastic surgery speculation rumbled on. A large proportion of Hollywood stars have had work done and a touch of tasteful nipping and tucking is perfectly acceptable in our opinion. However, Renée denies going under the knife, citing an improved outlook and lifestyle.


More Designs for Her Tresses.


 She showed up in the timeless classic, golden straight look for the Late Show, another time she wore an edgy yet feminine cut, choppy bangs included. Natural, understated streaks are a staple in her design armory, often combined with that tucked behind the ear style that's her signature.

Love interests.

Interspersed with her award-winning movie career, the actress had a string of short-lived romances with the likes of Jim Carrey, her co-star in "Me, Myself, and Irene", musician Jack White and an annulled marriage to singer Kenny Chesney. In May 2005 Renée wed country and western singer Chesney, the marriage started off well, what could spoil a ceremony on a beautiful Caribbean island? Things then went a bit strange, the couple announced their annulment plans in September 2005, Renée placed "fraud" in the papers as the grounds. The press scrutinized the actress for her utilization of the term, but she defended it by stating it was legal terminology. Rumors circulated about the sexuality of the 30 million album selling country singer but were denied citing his panic at the media scrutiny. She now seems settled in her relationship with Doyle Bramhall II since 2012 although we've heard no rumors of wedding bells yet.