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Michelle Williams
The Queen of the Pixies, Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams, Blonde Pixie.

She's won many awards for trivial stuff like acting but for her important role of ambassador of the short blonde pixie haircut has so far gone unrecognized and unrewarded. This is something we expect the authorities that deal with this sort of thing to rectify immediately.


Michelle Ingrid Williams, not to be confused with the singer Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child, was born in Montana. To avoid complications around child labor laws she was granted, with their blessing, emancipation from her parents. Her effort and dedication paid off when she landed a part in Dawson's Creek.

Another round-faced beauty, she can wear almost any hairstyle, making it elegant, feminine and beautiful. Michelle has sported hairstyles from cropped pixies to bobs and everything in between but she will always be in our hearts for short blonde styles like those pictured here.


Creating the Look.

With a rounder face, she is fantastic to look to for ideas. While she seems to prefer pixies, she has tried a multitude of different looks, all with beautiful and elegant results. She has dared asymmetrical cuts with uneven bangs. She has played with fantastic layers, giving new life to both pixie and asymmetrical bobs. She's comfortable sporting full or partial bangs too.


When you consider her hairstyles, pay attention to the ways that her cuts highlight her facial features. Many of the varied pixie cuts she has sported over the years help bring out her eyes and her broad smile. Her asymmetrical looks give definition to her round face and help to bring out her cheekbones. Her longer styles help to lengthen her face and she keeps the emphasis there with simple, easy care designs.


As a testament to the versatility of this length of locks, consider this handful of designs. There's very little variation in length but it generates many differing style opportunities.