Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson, Short Hair.

Janet Jackson.

A few people in the world need zero introduction, Janet Jackson is one. Hailing from the popular, if sometimes controversial, Jackson family, she has made her name through thought-provoking lyrics and varied film and television roles since the 1970s. A pop culture icon and a pioneer of style.

Janet Jackson Fashion and Hair.

One word describes Janet's style is "bespoke", through the years, she has kept people guessing, not only in music or films but in terms of what she'll wear or how she'll style her hair.


Janet has long been considered a true style icon. Like any youngster of the 70s, she went through the bell-bottoms, plaids, and huge collars, then in the 80s, Peter Pan collars, bow shirts, gilded hoop earrings, and a demure bob. When her third album came out her style choices also evolved. It was the beginning of Janet Jackson's love affair with menswear, which she carries up to this day. She loved wearing her signature man-jackets and heavy belts, bustier, and jeans in the early 90s.


Hair evolution.


Her locks also went through so many changes through the years. As a young girl, she sported her natural tresses in short layers consisting of soft curls. She also rocked the teased out 80s pouf for her "Control" tour, which she maintained as outrageous until 1990s. After which, she replaced her big tresses with sweet sassy curls and a bob cut to cheek level.


In 2011, Janet wowed the world with one of the shortest and most sophisticated hairstyles she'd ever tried, she traded in her long locks for a short haircut, which she styles up using products to achieve volume on top. Take this photo, for instance, her appearance is sleek, modern and elegant wearing her dark short mane brushed back and waves on top. The shortness of her tresses allows for greater emphasis on her facial features, especially her remarkable high cheekbones and signature smile.


Janet Jackson may be around Fifty, but her great style sense is so fluid and unique she doesn't seem to age. Her clever use of clothes and playing of her hairstyles has worked to her advantage in making her synonymous with timeless style and flair. Whether she's performing on stage, filming a movie, going to a book launch or supporting a cause, people can always expect Janet Jackson to dress to make heads turn.


Three Marriages.


Janet Jackson has married three times. She married R&B and soul singer, James DeBarge but it was annulled so we guess that doesn't count. In the mid-1980s, she met Ren Elizondo, Jr and the two married in secret in 1991. On the controversial cover of the September 1993 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, it's the hands of Ren Elizondo, Jr, which cover Janet's breasts. Their divorce was made final in 2003.


Janet married billionaire fashion mogul Wissam Al Mana in 2012. They were together for two years prior to getting married. Al Mana is nine years younger than Janet and their wedding ceremony was very private. quaint and luxurious beyond compare.


Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill (no offense Janet), the Wikipedia page for this one-second incident, mistake, malfunction or whatever you want to call it, is longer than the page for Janet's whole 40 odd year career. For those who haven't heard, at the Super Bowl XXVIII halftime show with Justin Timberlake, part of the routine went awry leaving her breast exposed, complete with sunflower ring. The FCC fined everyone they could think of and the whole thing rumbled on for months.