Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden Panettiere, Some Shorter Styles.Hayden Panettiere is a multi-faceted performer and model. She's well known for roles in "Heroes" and "Nashville", where she garnered several nominations and awards. Shown above with swept back blonde locks.

Looks and Styles.

She's admired for her youthful looks and beautiful locks. Young girls keep a keen eye on her fashion choices, makeup, and hairstyles.


In "Nashville" she plays the younger protagonist as we follow the fortunes of two fictitious country stars. She appears with trademark long beach wavy blonde locks very similar to when she starred in "Heroes".


As we see in the pictures to the left she does dabble with short haircuts on occasion. In the first three she is quite swept and in various levels of slicked back, then a couple of longer bobs wrapping things up with a cool blonde pixie. 


The beautiful petite actress loves rocking short body hugging dresses that show off her legs and figure. When she's not on the red carpet, paparazzi have caught her in simpler more laid-back outfits such as jeans and shirts. Hayden sure knows when to channel in sophistication and when to look a bit playful. She also likes wearing minimal makeup as evidenced by candid photos on the internet and in glossy magazines.

Blonde Hair.

We may remember her most for her gorgeous long blonde tresses in waves, curls, and sleek straight styles, but Ms. Panettiere has tried several shorter cuts, too. She's tried a layered mane with side swept bangs, chin-length bobs, shoulder length designs, full bangs, and more.


In this photo, Hayden rocks a cropped short haircut, tops styled in elegant waves, different from her other hairstyles, but still stunning. The waves on top give her tresses enough height and volume, clearing her nape elongates her neck and shows off her interesting bone structure.

Public Profile.

Hayden's date of birth is August 21, 1989. She was born to an actress and a captain of the fire department. She has one brother and is from Palisades, New York.


Hayden was prolific in the advertising world from a very early age. She appeared in dozens of commercials as a baby including McDonald's, Nix Shampoo, and Hershey's. Her early TV career was predominately in soap operas and she received awards for her role as a leukemia patient. She appeared in various minor roles in well-known shows like "Ally MacBeal" and "Law and Order". Her most prominent role was cheerleader Claire Bennet in Heroes. The NBC worldwide hit television series where she played a normal-seeming high school girl who discovers her wounds regenerate making her essentially immortal (maybe). While she's done a fair amount of voice-over work in animations and video games she has yet to make a big impression on the silver screen, come on Hayden sort yourself out.


Private Life.


Hayden and Wladimir Klitschko, the Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer, met in 2009 at a party and are now engaged. After two years of togetherness, they broke up due to the difficulty of long distance relationships. They remained close friends and got back together in early 2013 and have since had a little girl.


Having been part of Hollywood for almost her entire life, Hayden has made several high-profile friends like Kristen Bell, Abigail Breslin, Zachary Quinto and Britney Spears.


She's had laser treatment to remove a misspelled tattoo. Removed were the Italian words "Vivere senza rimipianti" from her left side. Were the correct spelling used, it would mean 'Living without Regrets'. One of the most ironic things ever and should be an example when explaining irony.