Halle Berry
Halle Berry - Short Hairut Colletion.

A Cropped Hair Veteran.

Ms. Berry slipped stealthily through the fifty-year barrier recently without causing a ripple. She's sported pixies and other cropped designs for so long we can consider her a veteran. She has sneaked over to the other side lately by wearing shoulder length tresses but we'll welcome her back open armed once she sees sense.


Known to people of all ages. Halle Berry is a fashion model and beauty queen, as well as an actress recognized on the international stage, she seems to have it all! Looking at her, you'd never guess her age, her beauty is timeless and elegant.


This woman's beauty is unquestionable. She has done well in many beauty polls. In 2008, she was the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' according to Esquire Magazine straight after having a baby!


Fashion and Role Model.


Her sense of style is overwhelming, pure, and classic. On the red carpet, she's draped herself with variety from ethereal gowns to Jacquard tuxes. Off camera, Halle wears outfits that seem comfortable but still sassy. She wears ordinary shirts and jeans matched with cardigans or caps while wearing gladiator or aviator sunglasses. This fashion icon knows when to dress up or dress down. When emulating her look, add elegance to the most casual and comfortable attires.


Her gorgeous tresses stand out too. Her locks are always so fine it's hard to believe she ever experiences bad hair days. She has worn modern pixie manes, long caramel-colored locks, kinky curls, and even glamorous updos. Either way, this celebrity always appears flawless and sexy.


Halle's Pixie.


Halle's signature is a pixie cut that many people consider short yet feminine. Try putting a generous amount of sculpting serum on your palm and work it through your tresses. Comb through using a one-inch ceramic barrel brush. Start pulling in a forward direction towards your forehead producing texture. Allow your locks to dry naturally for best results.

Early On.

 Aged five, her name was legally changed by swapping her first and middle names (Maria and Halle). Her parents based her second name from Halle's Department Store, which was a landmark at her birthplace at the time. It might have been the first example of naming a child after the place of conception ala Brooklyn Beckham.


Her breakthrough into the acting industry came when she played a character in the movie Boomerang. Her fame climbed as a consequence of each role. Some of her memorable movies were X-Men film series, James Bond's "Die Another Day" co-starring Pierce Brosnan, "Catwoman", and several characters in the epic and sprawling "Cloud Atlas".




Halle won Best Actress at the Academy Awards for "Monster's Ball", she's the only African-American woman so far awarded an Oscar for a leading role. She's one of Hollywood's top paid actresses and has also been on the production team of some movies she acted in. Aside from being a top-notch actress, she's still a fashion icon and currently the spokesperson of Revlon.