Animated Princesses – Part Two.

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Part Two of Our Three-Part Series on the Hairstyles of Disney Princesses.

For this round, we’ll be analyzing 90’s characters so wear nostalgia goggles.

Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid (actually from 1989, shhh). What can you even do with long red locks when you live under the sea? As a redhead, in the real world, saltwater and ginger hair don’t play well together.

Lucky for Ariel, she has movie magic on her side. Not a lot about her hairstyle is unique or exciting in particular, although at times she throws it up with a blue bow that goes with her hair and eye colors in a wonderful way. One thing that’s noticeable about Ariel is how far down her part is. Although she may never have had even a trim, she parts past the arch of her eyebrow, which leaves her with faux-bangs and a touch of a combover. It’s a very intriguing idea that contradicts her otherwise plain style, with tresses that red, you don’t have to worry about much else.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast.

Like Ariel, it’s probable that Belle from Beauty and the Beast hadn’t had many trims, common for women in the eighteenth century at the time of the writing of the original fairy tale. The story has roots that go back thousands of years but the animated classic seems to be set around that time. Belle has a tendency to keep it simple and easy, looks-wise, she parts down the middle and keeps bangs out of her face. Then with a simple ribbon also very similar to Ariel’s, she pulls her hair back in a low ponytail. When Belle dresses up for the beast, she still keeps her bangs pulled back from her face. She puts her hair in a simple bun, allowing it to flow out at the bottom like a ponytail. Not a common look, and when you add it to Belle’s natural beauty, it would turn a couple heads.

Jasmine – Aladdin.

Jasmine’s thick locks also appear to be uncut. This time, it’s possible, her hair goes to roughly her knees, and isn’t styled or layered. She generally keeps it pulled back with a nice, jeweled headband and two hair ties. It curls at the end but otherwise is plain, simple and natural. When she wears a high ponytail for Jafar, it becomes clear her hair is quite straight, save for the end. The 90’s were plain and simple times for animated hairstyles.

Nakoma – Pocahontas.

Although Pocahontas’s friend Nakoma has baby bangs, the chief’s daughter has simple, straight, dark, silky locks. It works for the romanticizing of the story which is based on a real person who lived at the turn of the seventeenth century but the reality would have been vastly different. Pocahontas was around 10 years old when she first met John Smith and probably naked with a shaved head as was customary among the tribes in the area at the time.

In our final segment, we’ll look at two more modern princesses and two classic ones.

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