Wedding bells? Short Hair is an Excellent Choice.

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You don’t need Long Locks on Your Wedding Day.

If you’re getting married in the next year, you don’t have to add extensions or wear a wig.  Sexy short wedding hairstyles are very much in vogue and can be very feminine.  Dependant on the Blonde with swept bangs.cut you start with and how long until the big day you can then decide what to aim for. Six inches per year is about the best you can hope for in terms of growth. The length you aim for shouldn’t be longer than you already have plus about a ½ inch or 1 centimeter per month. There’s some evidence that a very healthy lifestyle and getting out into the sunlight and fresh air and exercising will increase this. While that’s good advice anyway don’t expect miracles.

Bear in mind that you’ll lose some length in the final cut and by growing it you may be walking into unknown hair territory with no plan B. Our advice is, stick to what you’re good at whether you have a pixie, bob, or lob. Accessorize or add elements to transform yourself when walking down the aisle.

Pixie Cuts for Weddings.

For pixie cuts, play up the unique angle. For a dramatic look, dye your locks for the special day to give a beautiful contrast with your eyes and skin.  If you are pale with light colored eyes go a vivid red, with darker skin tones try going blond.  Continuing the drama, the brave could get spikes.White headband.

Have a pixie and want to look more feminine and demure? Dye the hair lighter for pale skin and darker for tanned skin tones.  Brush the hair down so that it frames the face.  Add a ring of roses or a tiara in the front and a long veil behind.  The roses make the ensemble feminine and boho chic.  Feel free to add flowers to the hair of anyone else in the bridal party as it will help to bring the look together.

Bobs and Lobs.

A bob gives so many options, sweep back from the forehead taking the bangs into a small ponytail with a flower concealing the clip. You could sweep the bangs could to the side in an alluring fashion, which can give the illusion of length.  The bob could have simple finger waves to create texture.  Bobs, depending on how long they are, can be French braided down either side with a flower or barrette to meet the braids at the backWhite flowers and braids.. Add an additional train to the barrette to simulate length.

Auburn vintage.A lob, which is a longish bob that reaches the around shoulder length, can be French braided into two braids, which merge into one at the back. Wrap the excess into a small bun.  A large flower or a band can cover that bun.  A long bob has the advantage of looking great when curled and can look windswept too.  Take the hair and mist it with salt water.  Then make small twists all over the head and bobby pin into place overnight.

Braided Bangs.

Alternatively, braid the bangs either side and pull back from the face.  Accent the hair by using a silk ribbon, when braiding, that matches the bridal party.Golden curls.
You can even get quite short locks into a French twist as this video shows. Make the look extra special with victory rolls or sparkly bands. All in all shorter hair is capable of looking extra special when the occasion demands. Why give yourself the extra stress of having to grow it for the big day?

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