Pixie Haircut Preparation is Good Advanced Planning.

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You’ve rolled the idea around your head for months and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. You’re going short! Not kind of short, you’re going SHORT. You’ve looked at different kinds of pixie haircut and bob, you’ve figured out your facial shape and spent hours trawling the best hairstyles sites. You’ve never been so ready in your entire life.

Pixie Haircut? Yes Please.

Pixie Haircuts.Congratulations on the awesome life choice, we doubt you’ll be disappointed. Even if you are, it’ll grow out in approximately half a year or less. Before you actually make the giant leap, there are several ways to prepare yourself and loved ones.

It’s amusing to surprise people but it isn’t always a welcome surprise for friends and family. Sometimes parents, partners, and spouses need warming to the thought of pixie haircuts. Especially boyfriends, most guys prefer women with longer hair or think they do. Although you can do whatever you want with your body, it’s nice to give your man some warning. Show him pictures of examples you’re considering, or even start with subtle hints. It might take him a while to accept the idea, so it’s wise to introduce the possibility a month or two before, especially if you’re cutting lots off.

Fair Warning.

Social media’s your friend, don’t hesitate to post Facebook statuses letting everyone know it’s happening. If it’s less of a shock, it’s possible they will react in a positive manner. When you go through a massive change like this, you want all the motivation available.

Consider what you’ll do with your leftover locks. Have in excess of 8 inches, undyed hair? Donate to a wig charity (explanation here). An incredible and selfless act that does nothing except do someone in need a kindness. On the topic of wigs, try some on to get used to short hair, you usually have to visit a costume shop, as real wig shops are a little too serious.

Test Drive.

Give our makeover utility a shot, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how things will look when the deed’s done. Upload your photograph and test the hundreds of possibilities and print or save to file your favorites, totally free.

Finally, make sure you’re prepared! Having real doubts? Remember you can always cut your hair another day, worst case scenario you’ve saved money not getting your hair cut. If you need to, work in gradual increments up to this kind of haircut. Hair down to your waist? Take a couple more inches off than usual, then mid-length, shoulder-length, etc. Enjoy the experimentation, because pretty soon those options will be gone, and you’re left with a brand new adventure instead!

Horribly Wrong.

You finally get the big cut, and it turns out different to your expectations. Other times, it’s a rushed decision and now you have regrets. Sometimes, you realize only once it’s done that you don’t like short hair as much as expected.
The unfortunate truth is, new haircuts don’t always turn out well. Keeping your hair pretty long gives ways to hide this. Who hasn’t said, “I’ll be wearing ponytails for the next couple months,” after a haircut?
It’s a little tougher with short hair.

You could pin it up with bobby pins for a new shape. Play around with this idea, wearing it in several different ways, a faux ponytail is worth considering at least. Run gel through and try spikes. Attract the eye to other places, cool necklaces, unique earrings, and bright colors often do the trick. These have to fit in with your workplace environment and fashion choices, of course, or everything will be messy.


Hats and shawls work well, especially with a new haircut, hats could lead you in a new fashion direction. Avoid knee-jerk reactions, running to another salon and having them hack away with no preparation will not repair the situation. Don’t throw in the towel on short locks, you’ve arrived so you might as well explore a while, give short another chance.

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