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The Style of our Animated Heroines.

Posted On April 2, 2016 by | Posted in Celebrities, Curls
Long red curls. Growing up, Every Little Girl Wanted to be a Disney Princess. Now we’re Older, Let’s Assess their Style. Elsa from Frozen has long flowing tresses with volume. Possibly hard to manage, judging by her fringe...

Heroines of Cartoon Classics and their Locks – Part Three.

Posted On March 6, 2016 by | Posted in Celebrities, Curls, Retro
source source The Final Installment of Disney Princess Hairstyles. We’ll be mixing it a little, going from almost modern to super-classic in one post so there's diversity both ethnically and by the timeline. Get ready for...

“You know, the one with the curly hair…”

Posted On September 15, 2015 by | Posted in Curls
Curls can be a blessing or curse. For most women, it's a curse at least once in their lives and it'll always be an identifier. When was the last time you saw natural, curls grace the cover of a fashion magazine? When...