Beautiful like Bey – Celebrity makeover.

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We’ve given Beyoncé a Short Hair Makeover with our Makeover Utility.

Face framing and red.

As a result of our Beyoncé makeover day, this Asymmetrical Bob helps to soften and round Beyoncé’s forehead. While you want to be careful drawing attention to the chin of a heart shaped face, the way that the long side of this bob traces the temple and cheekbones, softens and rounds out her face. The golden tone to the hair color helps to bring out and soften the darker undertones of Beyoncé’s skin pigment. The effect is soft, warm, and helps her eyes stand out bold and beautiful. Beyoncé Knowles is a talented and beautiful woman, and it’s no wonder that many emulate her style. Whether she’s on stage or the big screen, she’s glamorous beyond compare. Over her career, she has sported a number of styles, from very short to incredible and full locks.

No matter her look, she has always shown her grace and incredible charm. While some of that is due to her personality and natural good looks, a lot lies with something far simpler – her face. That’s to say, her facial shape, Beyoncé has a classic heart shape. Her facial structure is an upside down triangle with a wider forehead and narrow, soft chin. Since our eyes want to see symmetry, we tend to favor looks that soften the wider areas of such a face, bringing it to more of an oval appearance. While certain makeup styles and accessories can create this effect when it comes to hairstyles many will do that job.

Red pixie.

Bold Pixie.

This bold Pixie takes a different route to soften the facial lines of Beyoncé’s face. Here, her chin is not highlighted. Instead, the cut draws down to the base of her cheekbones, drawing the bottom of her face up and forcing our eyes around it. Her bangs frame her upper face, creating a round and pleasing look for the eye. Her bangs end over her eyebrows, highlighting her eyes. The auburn tones of the color let the darker aspects of her skin stand out more, giving her a rich and beautiful appearance.





Both of these full, chin-length styles use volume and body to soften the heart shape and round out Beyoncé’s face. The soft layers and feathering of the left style create round lines for the eye to follow. The asymmetrical parting opens her face, allowing this rounded style to sit around her. The eye is drawn to the point of the chin and the point at the forehead, creating an oval symmetry. The style on the right invites the eye to flair outward as the hair curls out and up.

The round shape of the hair and even the cut of the bangs both help to add roundness, bringing an oval shape. With both styles, the hair dominates. Beyoncé’s eyes are large and bold enough not to be overtaken, and balance out her overall look. The blonde color softens the darker tones of her skin, giving her a lighter appearance, while the red color highlights and brings out the darker tones.


Very red.

Graduated Bangs.

The closeness of this short Pixie helps to shape and round Beyoncé’s face. The uneven bangs create a point at her forehead to act as a counterpoint to her chin. This helps to create a soft oval while the fringing of the Pixie cut helps to soften and shape her temples. Since the cut sits above her eyes, they are once again allowed to stand out. The bright red color offsets the darker tones of her skin, giving her a lighter tone and appearance.




Blonde bangs, darker back.

This blonde style has golden highlights and darker roots that help to bring out some of the darker tones of Beyoncé’s skin, though not as bold as the auburn colors. The balance of color gives her a light, warm skin tone. This adventurous pixie features longer bangs and shorter body. The feathering is soft and round while the body of the hair traces her facial shape, softening the temples and helping to draw her face to an oval. The feathering offsets her bold eyes, bringing them in to compliment the style very elegantly.





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