13 Inexpendable Make-up & Beauty Hacks for the Busy Woman.

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beauty and make-up: foundation product with brush Beautiful Make UpLet’s face it: it’s hard enough being a human without being a woman. And it’s hard enough being a woman without having to worry about putting on makeup every single day. Generally speaking, we still have to put that stuff on every morning, and take it off every night; there is no better way.

There is, however, an easier way. Here are 13 makeup hacks for the every-woman. Set your morning alarm to fifteen minutes later than you’re used to, sit back, and relax with these awesome hacks.

Thirteen Beauty Hacks.

  1. The mascara/bra trick: This is super-easy. If your mascara is getting old and clumpy, put it in your bra for a couple minutes – 3-5 should do. It’ll come out smooth and rich. You can also use this trick to heat up your pencil eyeliner for a great smudge effect.
  2. Pin-straight parts: If you want a pin-straight part, all you have to do is move fast. Take your comb and use it to part your hair as fast, and in one smooth motion, as you can. The part will turn out straighter this way.
  3. Concealer tips. Don’t dot your concealer! Instead, brush it out like sun rays under your eyes or make a triangle. These options cover more ground, contour better and give the illusion of light, happy skin.
  4. Quick, sexy tussles: If you’re looking for tousled hair without heat or time, spray your hair with a holding product, then crunch it with your fingers. If you have super-malleable hair, you can also do this while it’s wet.
  5. White eyeliner: If you’re feeling a little extra tired, use white eyeliner on your upper eyelids. It draws attention away from dark circles and makes other makeup colors, or bright eye colors, pop.
  6. Spooning: Use a spoon to shape your eyeliner. Follow the rounded shape for beautiful, sexy cat-eyes, for example, and then use it to keep mascara off your upper eyelids. It’s a two-in-one deal!
  7. Your best friend the bobby pin: Fake lash glue can be a hot mess. Instead of getting it everywhere, put it onto a bobby pin and then use the pin to put the glue on your fake lashes.
  8. Yummy lips: Cinnamon or peppermint oil mixed with lip gloss makes lips look extra plump. It smells and tastes good, too!
  9. Two-in-one curlers: Put eyeliner on your curler, the exact way you’d put it on your eyelids, to free up time.
  10. Long-lasting scents: Putting some Vaseline on your wrist can make perfume scent last longer.
  11. Cupid’s bow trick: If you have thin lips, or you want them to look extra-plump one day, make an “X” on your upper lip, dead in the middle, to make a nice Cupid’s bow.
  12. Sleepy-time hack: If you have a tendency to crash after a long day of work/life, keep your makeup wipes by your bed. It’s a life-saver!
  13. Thicker looking hair: If you feel like your hair looks too thin, put some eye shadow on your part to make hair look thicker. Try to color match.

You’re welcome! Enjoy sleeping in!

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