Short Hairstyles when you're really into... well,  you can tell by the name. The cornerstone of the whole site is the gallery so most people start here. There are so many tools at your disposal. Once you have found your candidate, discuss it with a stylist.

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Take the opportunity to try a style before you jump in feet first with our free makeover utility. Upload a photo of you then try thousands of styles and colors to get an image of precisely what you want the completed design to be like.

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Some other visitors have kindly uploaded pictures of themselves sporting the end result and you can give it a vote and a rating out of ten. You too can upload your own experience. Salons can also showcase their talents.

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We have handpicked the best video tutorials and guides to help you decide on and style shorter tresses. Some slideshows, before/after transformations and professionals will walk you through some tips, tricks and trade secrets.

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Stars and Celebrities

What look has your favorite celebrity chosen after going under the scissors? Some stars like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway went all the way follically speaking for an acting role but the rest came round under their own steam.


Whether it's a Trim or a Fuller Crop or Something in between, We are Here. for when you are thinking of a trim or a full crop. Many stars, celebrities and trendsetters can be seen in public with immaculate long tresses that everyone wants to emulate but the reality is that these people have an army of stylists at their disposal that most of us don't. So don't be a slave to lengthy locks, join the growing ranks of women with short haircuts.
You could be here for several reasons. You could have hair to your knees and you going to dive in all the way and get yourself a sassy short hairstyle, you could have had a chequered hair history and want to get it right this time, you might already have short hair but fancy a change to another cut or you have another reason entirely.
Choosing your next hairstyle can be a tough choice, especially if you are going for a big change. We are here to make that decision as smooth as possible. There are a myriad of possibilities but they fit into certain general categories;

  • The pixie The hair is cropped quite short and may have choppy layers. Pioneered in the 1960s by the foremost stylists and style icons, this look like many others enjoys peaks and troughs in popularity. Nowadays many stars of stage and screen can be found with some sort of pixie derivative making it one of the most desirable cuts for so many years.
  • The bob The basic version of this cut involves cutting straight all round (often at the chin) but could include bangs or a fringe. One of the positives of the bob is its versatility, for example it can be curled into soft waves.
  • Voluminous curls Who would forget Marilyn Monroe's coiffure? It may have been several decades ago but voluminous curls are still alive and kicking particularly at a special event.
  • The shaved crop Not everyone can get away with a inch or so of fuzz on their crown. Natalie Portman and before that Demi Moore did but the rest of us are unlikely to go there. Women who prefer it shaved have many reasons, some want a drastic change; some want a lighter feeling and the freedom from the weight of long tresses, others simply lost the time, effort and inclanation to maintain long locks. Whatever your reasons, it is important to take into consideration the shape of your face, your lifestyle and personality too. If you don't want to keep tucking your hair at the back of your ear every 5 minutes and don't want to spend hours trying to tame the strands then close cut hair is a must. Here is a gallery of all the short haircuts imaginable, many that can be achieved in less than 5 minutes and are great for every occasion.
  • Bangs or a Fringe If you have a slightly longer bob, then you could wear sexy bangs to makeover your look. Aligned bangs, that fall just over the eyebrows, look great with straight hair. If you have wavy hair you can choose side-swept bangs to change the way you look and feel, they are the most endearing style of this season.
  • Spikes Exclusively for cropped hair, a few spikes can give your look an edge and when teamed up with softer and girlish accessories they can even make you very feminine but bold. Heart shaped or longer faces will carry this look off very nicely. If you say 'look at me, I have arrived' without uttering a single word, you need spikes, they are instant attention grabbers.
  • Choppy If you want to go for a slightly rebellious look you should get your hair cropped at the back and chopped at the side. These uneven asymmetrical cuts give you an edgy demeanor and add volume, if your hair is already thick you don't really need to do much. If your hair is thinner then try some protein mousse and a hard styling gel.
  • Curves or curls Most styles can be curved inward or outward at the ends depending on the occasion. If you want to frame your face then inward curls are better and if you want to make it appear rebellious and messy, then outward curls would be your choice.

Cuts and Styles for your Short Hair.

When you have made your choice if there is a good deed you can do with the leftover hair. There are various charities that take off cuts and use them to help people who need it. So especially those of you that are cutting more than about ten inches off, keep it clean and in a bunch and it can go and make someones life a bit easier. More here.